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Hello New Agents, 

 I am a new Agent with Keller Williams- The Bergamini Group- Northern Arizona. I  decided to hang my license with  Keller Williams because of the fact that I had absolutely no experience in real estate( except for recently buying my first home and selling it 2 years later and buying another) and I knew that KW had one of the best training programs in the business.  I've realized one thing thus far, you must be "Persistent and Disciplined"  when creating your sphere of  influence ( A list of the top 100 contacts in your everyday life) and when creating and generating lead list's.  No matter how old or cold the leads are  "ALWAYS!!" follow up on them you never know who is ready to buy today what they couldn't buy yesterday . Take care to exhaust your SOI ( Sphere of influence) contacts, when you do this you are just touching base with them  and letting them know you are in real estate now and  would like very much for you to refer anyone looking to buy or sell property in your area. 

1. Automate Your Marketing So You Can Focus on Sales

For real estate agents, there never seem to be enough hours in a day. Try automating some of the most time and energy consuming processes, so you can focus on closing more deals. InCom Real Estate is an all-in-one automated real estate lead generation software that will create your branded website, pull listings from your MLS, capture leads, and add them to its CRM and automated email campaign. They even have an advanced map-search tool for potential homebuyers to pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for, so your leads will be primed before your first point of contact.nd would love for you to refer anyone looking to buy or sell property in your area. 

2. Get Motivated & Get Out the Door

If you owned a small retail shop, you would get up every morning, open the doors, and start business for the day. When you start your real estate career, it’s imperative that every morning you get up and get out the door. No business is done sitting at your home or at your office. Get out in the world and meet people. Tell them you are in real estate. Network. Connect.

3. Manage Your Budget 

Figure out a yearly budget for all expenses, including both home and business. As for business, keep track of all expenses and run the business like a business. Open a separate bank account. Hire a bookkeeper or a CPA. Start a profit and loss sheet (P&L) and save all receipts. It will save you tons of money when doing tax planning with your CPA.

4. Use Your Strengths to Shape Your Brand

Go beyond the generic “I can help buyers and sellers achieve their home buying or selling dreams”—everybody says that, and it will not help you stand apart from the crowd. Lock yourself in a room and think about how you want the public to perceive you. How do you want to position yourself? Think about your strengths and what you have to offer a potential buyer and seller.

6. Offer Sellers an Estimate or CMA

In our business, we purchase and sell homes. Therefore, what makes the most sense for us is to include an online web form that offers the user a free estimate of their property value. Real estate agents, on the other hand, can offer a free comparative market analysis so the user can see how much their house is currently worth. This is the best way to capture email addresses from your website traffic flow.
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